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The TAN number concept.


The TAN number is the key to unlock a test sitting. One TAN number allows one test-taker to complete one test sitting. TAN Numbers are generated when you issue tests and as required, can be automatically delivered to the customer, school or test-taker directly by email. The TAN number system means that the need for "test-taker personal information" is not required, therefore protecting employee anonymity for in-company applications and avoiding the need for the placement test platform to store personal information.


Completing a test.


At the start of each test part, the test-taker is presented with an easy to read introduction and allowed to set up their volume/microphone as the case may require. There is a short explanation at the start of each test part. The whole test procedure is automatic. Depending on the elements of a test, the test-taker will be required to answer the questions by; choosing options, speaking answers into a microphone, and/or writing answers.


Test display and reporting.


Onscreen at end of test.

The "all, both or none" concept gives full flexibility for on-screen display of Listening and Reading test results at the end of a test. Onscreen display can be in the form of a drill-down graph and/or table, or none.



Test result email options include; test results emailed directly to test-taker and/or customer, or none. Further email options: email LR results and SW results separately, or hold LR until SW results have been scored. (listening and reading elements are scored immediately and automatically)



Test results can always be viewed/reviewed in the administration area.


Closed System Concept.

The closed system concept can deliver a test and test results to the test-taker or customer without involvement of test administration.


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Internet: high speed DLS connection.

Operating System: PC or MAC (not tablet/phone compatible).

Browser: Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari.

HTML5 browser capability, or, Shockwave FlashPlayer.

(Update 43, Chrome unsuitable for tests with speaking elements)

Javascript: Installed and activated.

(Javascript console; set www.onlineenglish.eu as an exception)

Audio: Loudspeaker or headphones.

Speaking Elements: Microphone connected.


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