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The Common European Framework of Reference and ALTE.


All test results offer a level-value for each skill area based upon the Common European Framework of Reference; A1 - C2. Additionally the system will offer specific percentage-values, (and questions correct/incorrect depending on skill element), for each sub-skill within an element. This allows you a unique insight into a test-taker's ability. ALTE statements can also be included upon request.


Immediate results of listening and reading tests.


Tests including Listening and Reading (LR) elements are automatically and immediately scored based on algorhithms developed and refined since 2004. Options allow you to control the display of results on-screen at the end of a test-sitting.


LR test results are sent to the test administration email address by default. Additional options allow you to send the results direct to the test taker email address, and/or to a defined secondary/customer email address. LR and SW results can be sent separately, or LR test results can be held until SW elements have been checked; all test results then sent together.


Tests including speaking and writing elements.


Tests including Speaking and Writing (SW) elements can be scored/reviewed from the test administration area, or by your own assigned reviewers, teachers or independants in the reviewer portal, or by EnglishPlacement's team of reviewers. (review turnover and pricing by EnglishPlacement reviewers can be agreed and included in the TAN Number pricing).


Administration results viewing.


You can always review and score test results from the administration area. On-Screen viewing shows results in graphic and tabular form, including CEFR level calculation. The graphic and tablular forms also show level-percentages of sub-skills and/or questions correct/incorrect depending on the skill element in question.


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