Tick a box, create a test. No questions to write, no documents to provide, no audio to record.

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Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.


The concept revolves around simply choosing elements. Each element you choose is then included in the test you create. Simply by ticking a box, you can combine the elements to create any type of test you require. With 4 skill areas, 11 independent elements and  7 inherent sub-skill elements, you have a very large amount of flexibility at your fingertips. You can create as many different tests as you need and save them for later use.


Create a focus your tests as you wish.


  • Focus your tests on specific language skills; listening, reading, speaking, writing.

  • Focus your tests on specific abilities; writing emails, answering the telephone, writing reports, giving advice and information, problem solution or describing actions and items.

  • Check a person's suitability for; customer and telephone support, report writing, understanding instructions... etc.

  • Assess student intake level for grouping into language classes or for ongoing interim testing.

  • Assess student language levels for MBA and other courses.

  • Support and enhance your own online training platforms and activities.


Create yourself or use the one-click preset tests.


  • Instantly create tests focused on job positions/department; call centre, typing pool, reception duties, general administration, secretarial duties, customer service, sales & marketing, advertising, purchasing, management.

  • Instantly set up standard 20 or 45 minute tests; listening & reading / speaking & writing (A1 - C2).

  • Instantly set up basic 20 minute student intake tests. (A1 - B1+).


No questions to write, no material to prepare.


The placement test platform uses its own database of over 6000 questions, documents, photographs, audio tracks and more. Questions for each test-sitting are randomly generated and level matched; with a General/Business English mix of approximately 50/50. This method ensures that each test-taker receives a test with different questions and order; a unique concept to avoid cheating.


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English test online by choosing elements.


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