BRANDING to maintain your, or your customer's image in the eyes of the test-taker.

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You can  individually brand each test you create in the test administration area; a very welcome advantage for your own organisation and when supplying tests to your customers.




You can theme each test you create. Change test background and area colours, as well as button colours, borders and text. Upload a logo for each test you create to maintain a "brand image" for your or your customer's organisation. A preview facility allows you to preview your theme/brand before you create the test. Create as many tests as you wish and brand each one differently.




Our API code allows entry into the test platform directly from your, or your customer's own website. The branding of a test, together with our API allows a branded experience for the test-taker from test start to test end!


See our Presentation Video

English Placement test branding for a true branded experience.


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