Simplicity, Reliability and Flexibility for test creation, administration and scoring.

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You are always in control of your test platform in the password protected administration area. From creating tests to issue of test sittings, through viewing test results and checking, to result display and delivery. You are always in control!


* Create any comination of level test; listening, reading, speaking, writing.

* Brand each test you create with colours and logos.

* Set up test scorers of your choice or score the tests yourself.

* Administrate and distribute TAN numbers

* Options for test-taker display of test results; graph, table, both, none.

* Result delivery; direct to test-taker, to customer, to both, to none.

* LR Scoring; automatic and immediate.

* SW Scoring; self, reviewer portal, external by EnglishPlacement.

* Options for direct result delivery by email; test-taker, customer, copy.

* Set-up your staff, teachers or independant persons as scorers.

* 100% control!


Protected reviewer portal.


In the test administration area you are able score all test results. For speaking and writing elements, you can also can set up your own staff or teachers to be test reviewers (scorers). Persons set up as test reviewers have their own username and password. From the reviewer portal, a reviewer can score a test.



Flexible, reliable and accurate however, simple to use!


Since 2004, we have developed the test administration area to be simple and very practical, having the facilities you need for easy administration of your tests however, not becoming so complicated you need days to learn it. We can also translate the administration area into your language with your help, to allow the whole platform to be operated by non English speakers.



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Test administration for the English placement test platform


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