Online English language level testing system based on the Common European Framework of Reference.

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English Test Platform.

For schools, companies and test suppliers.


Create the English tests you need in just a few minutes by simply ticking "element boxes". Instantly set up English tests for listening, reading, speaking and writing in any combination you wish.


Brand each test you create to your or your customer's organisation. The protected administration area gives you all the facilities you need to administer your tests.


* Create English listening, reading, speaking and writing tests.

* Create an English test for any skills combination.

* Create a 4 skills English test.

* Brand each English test to your or your customer's organisation.

* Comprehensive test results based upon the Common European Framework.

* Very low cost per test.

* No costs for setup.

* Available immediately.


TRY THE PLATFORM. Simply contact us at info@englishplacement.org and you can try the test platform at no cost and no obligation.




We have offered flexible solutions for online English testing since 2004 and have combined our know-how and experience, to create an English test platform you can adopt, brand and use for your company and your customers.



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